Large Python Appears Infront House Of Family In Labuan Caught


LABUAN: A family in Lazenda View, Kg Tanjung Aru had a scare when a large python was found in their back yard Tuesday night.

According to Bernama’s report today the family with school-going children were resting in the house when one of them spotted the approximately four-metre python right in front of their house.

Abdul Muiz, the house owner who spotted the snake immediately alerted the Labuan Fire and Rescue Department to the scene, and the department’s snake-handling squad quickly dealt with the situation.

The family expressed thanks to the firemen who removed the reptile.
Pythons are constricting snakes and non-venomous.

Different types of pythons can grow anywhere from three feet up to 29 feet in length. They hunt by wrapping themselves around their prey and squeezing it to death.

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