Labuan Senior Football Open Tournament A Success

LABUAN : Labuan Football Association (LAFA) hosted senior football players from across Borneo – Sabah, Sarawak, Labuan and Brunei to take part in Senior Football Open Tournament 2023, with the intent of bringing in social cohesion.


LAFA president Sophian Said said 26 teams divided into four groups (A,B, C and D) from the three regions competing in the three-day event from Jan 21.

“We are glad to have received an overwhelming response from various soccer teams in Sabah, Labuan and Brunei.

“Some of them have representing their home states in major soccer tournaments in the national level.

“The aim is to form social cohesion within the different communities. We want to have more senior in structured sports,” he said today.

Sophian said LAFA was hopeful more businesses and sponsors would join forces with his organisation for future tournaments.

“We have a lot of older people in the community, and they don’t get to be too involved in the community. We want to have people in the community to get more involved and more active which is why we want to introduce football tournament for senior,” Sophian said.

He said soccer would not be the only sport on offer for youth but also for senior citizens and those aged 40 and above in the community.

Teams took part in the tournament were Minang FC, B8 Vet Brunei, Azam FT, Clasico Ranau FBC, Pitas Legend, Sulaman Proper SC, Lavestar FC, Mixed Squad, Gab Vet Kimanis, Bengkoka FT and Tampanang FC.

Other teams included KDM Legend Labuan, RRB Tamparuli FC, PGA KK, Tiger FC, Mevec FC, Bema FC, Wari FC Sandakan, HQFC, Complex Legend FC, KPKKSK, Mesapol Legend FC, Kudat Classic FC, Tambalang FC and Real Goshen Classic.

The opening tournament on Jan 21 was between teams from Labuan Heads of Department against team from Labuan community leaders.

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